Australian Diploma in Hospitality Management - 1 Year

Credit Transfer to Australia

 “100%job placement guarantee”


One year diploma in hospitality management program which is specially introduced for those students who are willing to pursue their career in Hospitality Industry. This Program will prepare students as per Australian curriculum and equip them with skills for better career prospects. Students may get credit transfer to Australian Colleges and Universities after successfully completing Diploma of Hospitality.


  • Must have scored minimum 60-70% in grade 11
  • Must have appeared in grade 12 exam on 2074 or 2075
  • Financially capable as per Australian Visa requirements for credit transfer to Australian colleges and universities
  • Excellent English Proficiency

Why Hospitality as a Career

Every country in the world has a hospitality industry, and the skills learnt are readily transferable, meaning that a career in hospitality in hospitality can very easily be the key to discovering new countries, new culture and new people. Hospitality industry is the fastest growing sector and in many countries is the leader in many others. The job scope in this sector ranges from hotels, resorts, restaurant, catering, clubs, pubs, food and beverage related businesses to any travel and tourism related activities. Hospitality industry is growing at tremendous pace and it is projected to grow even bigger in size in the days to come. According to recent studies by the world tourism organization the hospitality industry is world largest employer worldwide hiring one in 12 workers and this number is set to grow with the continued expansion of the sector.

Hospitality industry is in constant search of highly trained, well qualified and skillful human resources. This industry has many opportunities for youngsters with rewarding career prospects. People trained in hospitality skills get many opportunities to work in different parts of the world rather easily, which will give more exposure to the professions. Hospitality industry seek people with qualities like those willing to be a team member, with good and effective communication skills, patience, sales ability, willing to learn, capable to work under pressure, positive attitude and willing to create pleasant and enjoyable environment for its customers are a few to name. Specific academic qualification will prove to be an asset in this endeavor. Hospitality people may get job in Hotels, Restaurants, Caterings, Pubs, Hospital Cafeteria, International Cruise Ships, Travel and Tourism related business quite easily in different parts of world including Middle east, Australia, Canada, European and American Countries.

Course Outline:

CSADIP028 Manage a diverse workforce
CSADIP026 Developing and implementing business plans
CSACA026 Provide customer service
CSADIP029 Manage customer service
CSACA027 Deal with conflict situations
CSADIP036 Managing finances within a budget
CSADIP035 Budget preparation
CSACA006 Hygiene in the workplace
CSADIP032 Understanding business law
CSADIP031 Rostering staff
CSADIP027 Leading and managing staff
CSADIP030 Monitor day to day operations
CSADIP033 Building and maintaining business relationships
CSAOHS026 Implementing and Occupational Health and Safety plan
CSAOHS027 Developing &maintaining an Occupational Health &Safely plan
CSAFOH003 Provide and deliver hospitality service
CSACA029 Prepare, cook and serve food for menus
CSACA0041 Occupational Health & Safety in the workplace
CSACA028 Training and team development
CSAFOH021 Responsible service of alcohol
CSACA024 Menu planning development and implementation
CSACA009 Storage and receive of kitchen supplies
CSADIP025 Stock ordering and control
CSAFOH001 Bar operations
CSAFOH002 Clean the bar area
CSAFOH008 Cocktail service
CSACOFOH001 Espresso coffee  preparation and service
CSAFOH006 Develop and maintain menu
CSAFOH022 Food and beverage service
CSAFOH012 Processing financial transaction
CSAFOH023 Serving non- alcoholic beverages at the table
CSAFOH004 Serving alcoholic beverage at the table
CSACA011 Principles of cookery method
CSACA007 Mise en place and preparation of food
CSACA008 Presentation of food
CSACA010 Kitchen cleaning and maintenance
CSACA019 preparation and cooking of deserts
CSACA013 Preparation of entrees and salad
CSACA014 Preparation of cooking of stocks, soups and sauces
CSACA015 Preparation of vegetables, fruits, eggs and farinaceous dishes
CSACA017 Preparation of cooking of seafood
CSACA018 Preparation and cooking of meat
CSACA016 Preparation and cooking of poultry