Diploma in Culinary Arts - 800 Hours

Become a Professional Chef!

“ 100%  job placement guarantee”


Since 2011 we have been offering a Diploma in Culinary Arts (Formally known as Certificate III in Culinary Arts) programme in Partnership with CSAI. This 800 hours intensive Australian cookery programme is proven to be effective for employment at 5-star hotels and restaurants. Our graduates are getting a quick promotion because of the knowledge and skill they acquired from ACA.


  • +2, BBS, BBA, BTTM, BHM, Masters level cleared students but still not sure about their professional life
  • Willing to work in the food production industry.
  • Those wanting to get employment or migration visa opportunity to Australia, Canada, American/European Cruise ships after having 4-6 years of working experience in Middle East countries.


  • +2 Graduates or above (from any stream)
  • Shall come across from ACA entrance test and interview.
  • Must be willing to study and work hard.

Course outline

CSACA005 Update Hospitality Industry Trends
CSACA007 Mise en place and preparation of food
CSACA011 Principles of cookery methods
CSACA014 Preparation and cooking of stock, soups and sauces
CSACA015 Preparation of vegetables, fruits, eggs and farinaceous dishes
CSACA013 Preparation of Entrees and Salads
CSACA016 Preparation and Cooking Poultry
CSACA017 Preparation and Cooking Seafood
CSACA018 Preparation  and Cooking Meat
CSACA008 Presentation of food
CSACA022 Food safety in the Workplace
CSACA006 Hygiene in the Workplace
CSACA004 Occupational, Health and safety in the Workplace
CSACA010 Kitchen cleaning and Maintenance
CSACA009 Storage and receival of kitchen supplies
CSACA024 Menu planning, Development  and Implementation
CSACA002 Work in a team
CSACA028 Training and Team Development
CSACA003 Hospitality in a socially diverse environment
CSACA026 Provides customer service
CSACA027 Deal with conflict situations