Seamless Credit Transfer Opportunities

We’re thrilled to offer students the opportunity for credit transfer to select universities in Australia, USA and Canada. Whether you’re a current ACA student or considering joining us, this initiative is designed to enhance your educational experience and open doors to diverse learning environments.


Why Opt for Credit Transfer?

Global Recognition

Our credit transfer program allows you to take a step towards international education, gaining recognition for your previous academic achievements.

Accelerate Your Degree

Save time and resources by transferring credits, enabling you to fast-track your degree and enter the workforce sooner.

Participating Universities

We have established partnerships with reputable universities in Australia, USA , Canada and our Affiliated University Country Malaysia, that welcome credit transfers from ACA students. Explore your options and consider transferring to institutions that align with your academic and career goals.

Process Credit Transfer

Step 1: Assuring the assessment of Eligibility Criteria

Step 2: Documents required discussion

Step 3: Document check and collect all other required documents

Step 4: University Application

Once your eligibility and documents are confirmed and verified, our team will guide you through the university application process, ensuring a smooth transition to your chosen institution

Partner Institutions