Baking & Pastry

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This course is for people seeking to be a Boulanger and patisserie in hotels, restaurants, resorts, and bakeries locally or internationally, and those who have that zeal for baking. Our courses cover fundamental aspects of baking and managing the bakery business. These include the preparation of various Bread, Breakfast, Pastries, Tarts and quiches, cookies, muffins, chocolates, petit fours, cupcakes, dry cakes, plated desserts, choux pastry, puff pastry, etc.

Course duration

4 Week, 3-3.5Hrs/day


The program is open for all interested individuals.

Curricular Structure

  • The Baking Profession: Historical background and Baking & Pastry Careers
  • Basic Professional Skills: Bakeshop Math and Food Safety
  • Baking and Pastry Equipment
  • Ingredients
  • Basic Baking Principles
  • Understanding Yeast Doughs
  • Lean Yeast Doughs: Straight Doughs
  • Lean Yeast Doughs: Sponges, Pre-Ferments, and Sourdoughs
  • Dry Cakes
  • Rich Yeast Doughs
  • Doughnuts, Fritters, Pancakes, and Waffles
  • Basic Syrups, Creams, and Sauces
  • Pastry Basics
  • Pies, Tarts and Special Pastries
  • Cake Mixing and baking
  • Assembling and Decorating Cakes
  • Cookies, Custards, Puddings, Mousses, and Souffles
  • Frozen Desserts and Fruit Desserts
  • Dessert Presentation

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