Yomari Purni Celebration

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26 December, 2023 - 26 December, 2023


A vibrant celebration of Newari culture, This event, organized by various community students, showcases the rich heritage of the Newari community through food, music, and traditional attire. Yomari, a special delicacy made from rice flour dough filled with sweet or savory fillings, holds deep cultural significance and is traditionally prepared during the Yomari Punhi festival. At Yomari Day, students have enjoyed a colorful cultural dress parade, live music, cultural dance performances and Yomari-making demonstration by non newari community students in their own cultural dress. On this day our students from various communities distributed the Yomari among all the students participating in the event. Indeed ACA feels proud to bring all community students under one roof and showcasing their own culture among various other communities.


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