Message from Chairman


Formal higher education has become an integral part of the modern education system. The world is evolving, and in constant motion, and technological advancement demands youth become competitive in their domain.

We established the Academy of Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management in 2010. Since then, we have been trying to cater to students with a holistic educational approach that helps them develop professionally and personally. We are proud of our accomplishments in the last 13 years and were able to establish ourselves as a premium hub for Culinary and hospitality education in the Nation. As part of our expertise, we have presented ourselves in many national and international forums.

With a decade of experience, we have now become the “Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (CLE)” since 2021, and Academy of Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management is a subsidiary unit of CLE to facilitate our Culinary and Hospitality programs. CLE also offers BBA and MBA programs to aspirants who aim to become leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our Diploma in Culinary Arts ( 1 year), BHM ( 4 years), BBA ( 4 Years), and MBA ( 2 Years) programs are designed to teach and train students to become leaders and entrepreneurs. Job, promotion, etc, are the default dividends of the process of becoming a leader and entrepreneur. It is imperative to educate youth to learn to become leaders and entrepreneurs, jobs are a by-product of the process.

18 years – 24 years is a  very critical stage of one’s life in terms of learning social and professional skills. We are witnessing a lot of youths going abroad for job opportunities. Life is a long-haul flight, and youths with a strong foundation of social and intellectual abilities will prosper more in life.

Lastly, I urge the youth to be serious in terms of learning and growing. If the foundation of our education and learning is solid it will teach us to remain unwavering in any challenging situation and help us reach our audacious goals.

Join us to become a better individual, family member, professional, and member of society.

Ashesh Maharjan,